B's Money Guide!

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    B's Money Guide!

    Post by b_11_321 on Tue Jul 22, 2008 7:06 pm

    Need some extra bells here is a quick guide to get money.
    If you're starting a new town and need some quick cash, the easiest way to gain it is go into Tom Nooks shop and buy a fishing rod. This is only 500 bells but will gain you lots more fast. Fish are probably the easiest way to gain cash, because it doesn't cost much to be able to catch them, and most are wort 500+ bells. So, just try to do your best and get the fish.

    Bugs/Insects are another quick way to get money. While they aren't worth as much as fish. Some can be wort up to 300+ bells. The best bug to catch is 3,000 bells. If you ever are in bug season and need to get cash, just stop by and get a net from Nook. This will take longer to triple what you paid for, for the net but it can be rewarding.

    Recycling Bin/Lost Items:
    If you aren't get lucky and catching as many bugs or fish, then stop by the recycling bin or lost items at town gate. Sometimes they will have pricy items in them. You might want to keep some so go ahead, but if you find ones that you don't want sell them to Nook for a quick buck. Once you keep doing this eventually there will be no items left so just do it every now and then.

    Unwanted Items:If you ever have any items that don't want suppose from a villager, or a present in the sky just sell it to Nook that simple.

    Fruits:Fruits can really get you by in Animal Crossing. Just go to other people's town and get foreign fruit or send mail with your native fruit to villagers and get foreign fruit. Once you get all of them (including coconuts) just go and plant them everywhere. Then once they grow shake them and sell the fruit to Nook. Two fruit trees with foreign fruit can get you as much as a Red Snapper. Now imagine if you had about 15 of these trees. Or even 30! Just go and shake the trees and you will be rich in no time.

    Other Ideas:
    If you want to make some sell stuff in auctions from auctions sites like nookbay.com or even open up shops on forums like this. People will pay prices for stuff they want, so you can make really good cash with it!


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    1UP's Money Guide!

    Post by 1UPDude on Tue Jul 22, 2008 7:42 pm

    Everyday items by the shore get washed up. So why not bother?
    Go to the beach and collect seashells. Pretty simple. And some may cost
    a bundle!

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