My New Vid - Stepping To Burnout Paradise Opener


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    My New Vid - Stepping To Burnout Paradise Opener

    Post by 1UPDude on Fri Jun 26, 2009 6:00 pm

    Here is my latest video, Burnout Paradise - Manhattan Spirit (Ecto 1)

    Click on spoiler for video description.
    Burnout Paradise
    Manhattan Spirit
    Best Color Used In: Red

    My intro to the new ghostbusters car and Big Surf Island. Welcoming you to the ultimate Burnout Paradise experience. The Manhattan Spirit or Ghostbusters's "Ecto 1" is an agressive car with strength, speed, and annoying sirens. (lol) This car is great for barrel rolls as shown in the video and cool to use. In my first Burnout Paradise video, I take the streets of Big Surf Island go off of incredibly high jumps with the Ecto 1. And if that's not pleasing enough for a gamer like you, I got the badass theme song by Ray Parker Jr. from 1984. Still not convinced? Then **** you.

    Xbox LIVE Marketplace
    Individually - 160 Points
    With Legendary Pack - 600 Points

    Playstation Store
    Individually - $2
    With Legendary Pack - $8

    Music - Ray Parker Jr., 1984
    Game - EA Electronics and Criterion Games, 2008

    I don't own the Ghostbusters game(s), movies, songs, or any related content in this video. It is purely to showcase and review content.

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