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    Rank Thread

    Post by b_11_321 on Wed Jun 04, 2008 9:47 pm


    Goomba | Posts:0
    Isn't it obvious there's nothing lower than a Goomba!

    ]Plumber | Posts:22
    What Mario is now.

    Koopa | Posts:45
    These are Bowser's little minions!

    Jumpman | Posts:70
    What Mario first was.

    Hero of Time | Posts:100
    This is what Link will be forever known.

    Boron | Posts:150
    These rock like creatures appear in many Legend of Zelda games.

    Bounty Hunter | Posts:175
    This is what Samus is from the Metroid series.

    Volvagia | Posts:215
    One of the many bosses from The Legend of Zelda series.

    K.K.'s Backup | Posts:250
    K.K. Slider's Backup band. From the Animal Crossing series.

    King Koopa | Posts:275
    Mario's rival Bowser!

    Metroid | Posts:300
    The sacred item of the Metroid series.

    Tingle | Posts:350
    The guy who supplied Link with clues to the Tri-Force in The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker.

    Shroom | Posts:400
    This is what Toad and Toadette are. Also, why Peach is called the Shroom Princess Wink

    Animal Crosser | Posts:475
    These guys appear in the game Animal Crossing! They are cut Mii like characters.

    Wario | Posts:550
    This has been Mario's rival! He is very greedy with those coins!

    Mii | Posts:600
    These cute little guys are made on the Wii. They resemble you!

    Waluigi | Posts:715
    This guy is Wario's backup. He's like the Luigi in Luigi and Mario.

    Chain Chomp | Posts:800
    These poor guys are chained to posts all through the Kingdom.

    Shy Guy | Posts:850
    Their name doesn't describe them at all! These guys will be the most annoying in the game.

    Yoshi | Posts:1,000
    This little guy is a dinosaur! Mario usually rides him!

    Boo | Posts:1,500
    This guy is a ghost, that if you look at will stop dead (no pun intended) in his tracks.

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