Rules and Guidelines

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    Rules and Guidelines

    Post by b_11_321 on Mon Jun 09, 2008 1:30 pm

    Please read these rules before posting in the forums.
    We have some fun times on Nintendo Warp Pipe. But, we don't want some things going to far. Please respect the staff and members here if you don't you will be removed from the forum.

    We here expect you to respect the staff and members here. We don't want you to get mad at members and/or staff here. If you're having a bad day and need to vent please don't take it out on staff or members just step away from the computer. Examples of this include but aren't limited to...

    • Flaming
    • Insulting
    • Bullying

    Nintendo Warp Pipe is a growing community or atleast we like to think we are so please don't advertise and try to steal our members. So, all that we ask is don't advertise your website. We do allow for affiliations though. Please check the rules of affiliation thread for more information. Then PM it to me.

    We want our members to express themselves in certain ways. Through a signature and avatar is one way. We ask that you keep it clean though we don't want our younger members to see inappropriate content. This includes:

    • Pornography
    • No Disturbing images (no PG-13)
    • Plagiarism
    • Violence
    • Cursing

    We know that many people here are very religious. But, we ask that you keep religious discussions in the Serious Discussions board. If we see that you are discussing this anywhere else the content will be removed. Please don't do any of the following.

    • Don't discuss it anywhere else but, the Serious Discussion board.
    • No religious content in signatures, avatars, etc.

    Illegal content:
    We don't want anything stolen anything. It's illegal anywhere so we don't want it here! Please don't do the following.

    • No ROM, Downloads, etc. talk
    • No discussion of stolen music, DVD, Videos, etc.
    • You can discuss emulators (no in depth) but don't tell where you can download one
    • No torrent talk that is illegal.
    • No talking about homebrew programs/hardware.

    The Nintendo Warp Pipe staff is dedicated to keeping it a safe community for it's members. You must respect every member of the staff as you would treat every other member.

    • Staff is just like every other member here respect them.
    • Please don't keep asking them stuff with spam. Please PM them for a report.
    • Don't keep asking them to be a part of staff doing so will give you less of a chance of being staff just be a good member!
    • Don't ask them to change your name, unless it's disturbing, goes against rules, or will offend someone and the staff notices this.

    Personal Information:
    You are not allowed to give away any personal information on Nintendo Warp Pipe forums, chatbox, or through Personal Message that might end up harming the person you are talking to. Please don't say "So and so is my brother, we live in --------" and give your city name. That will put you in danger.

    You can however give small information such as, your gender, age, and first names are acceptable. It's up to Warp PIpe staff to choose if you give out to much information.

    The following are consequences. You will either be given a warning or a ban going on the amount of information you gave to. This will be decided by Administrators.

    Bumping Topics:
    While some people may find that bumping is acceptable, other find it annoying. You are allowed to bump the following:

    • A good topic - If you think that the topic was good and deserves to be posted in again, if the something was unsaid then post what was.
    • Floated Topic - A topic that was never meant to be floated, and you know it wasn't please report it don't post.
    • Never Ending Topics - This topics are never to old such as, "Leaving or returning Members", or Forum Games.

    Multiple Accounts:
    Nintendo Warp Pipe staff asks that you only have one account. If we find out that you have more than one account then you will receive a warning then your other account will be banned. If it happens again both accounts will be banned.

    • No multiple accounts to avoid a ban
    • We do allow siblings to have an account but don't pretend to be a sibling just to make another account.
    • If you have family that uses the same computer you are responsible for your account. Remember to log off when you get off and check if you are on another persons account.

    We take pride in our community here at Nintendo Warp Pipe. If you wish to affiliate with us please read our affiliation rules in the Bulletin to make sure you community matches our expectations.

    While you are allowed to show images we ask that they don't contain any presonal photos. This includes pictures of your family, friends, etc. anywhere, that will reveal your location. Moderators and other staff will have full rights to remove the objects from a post, message, etc. and either give a warning or ban depending on the level of the photograph. If you repeatedly continue it you willl be removed from the community. You may PM any staff member to remove it if you feel that it was a mistake.

    You are never allowed to abuse the community here. We put alot of time into our community. And, we hope that you will appreciate what we do. You must give respect, and be helpful to other members. This includes our:

    • Chatbox
    • Homepage


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