Sparkle's Super Princess Peach Review!

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    Sparkle's Super Princess Peach Review!

    Post by Sparkle on Sun Jun 15, 2008 12:57 pm

    Vibe Island, is told to have hidden powers. Bowser builds his summer villa there to find the hidden power. His efforts are rewarded when, one of his miions finds the Vibe Sceptor. He sends his minions to Princess Peache's castle, to capture Mario. The Vibe Sceptor changes the emotions of those around it. When all of the Toads are distracted, the minions pounce Mario, Luigi, and Toad. Soon Princess Peach and Toadsworth, come back back to the castle, to find a message saying the Mario bros. have been captured. Princess Peach wants
    The bosses in this game are very well done. They each have one weakness that you can use against them. They are all unique. I'd give bosses a:
    The story of this game, was well writen. I think it does need a bit more work.
    I'd give the story a:
    The characters are very original. I'm glad for once, the girls get to save the boys!

    Thanks for reading my review!

    All of my photos are from: Google. Full credit to the people who posted these photos on the internet.
    (I wrote this review a long time ago but I thought I'd post it.

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